Dreary Today, Drier Tomorrow

Well…it’s hump day (yay), but frankly your Wednesday morning is looking kinda gross. While it’s a good thing we’re seeing plenty of rainfall this spring as we quickly approach the summer months, a lot of folks are also looking forward to some sunshine. First we’ll have to get through another soggy forecast, and an overcast Thursday forecast before that happens though.

The heaviest rainfall today, falls during the morning hours. Count on slower travel too, as we  have patchy fog (locally dense) in addition to reduced visibility with our rain showers.

Patchy fog will linger in our forecast today, tonight and tomorrow, but our rain showers start to noticeably taper this afternoon. While off and on showers and drizzle are still possible, they look to remain light. Temps warm up more so than yesterday, with highs along the coast in the mid to upper-50s and even some low to mid-60s inland.

This means, your Fenway Forecast will a be damp, but doesn’t look to be a washout!!!

Drizzle and isolated showers continue through the overnight hours, with the slight chance for some Thursday morning drizzle as well.