Drops… Dry… Drops

That very green and happy lawn looks like it needs a mow, doesn’t it?  But that’s a little tricky when you look at your weather app on your phone and see it’s going to rain for the next several days.  Throw that phone=y forecast app out!  That’s NOT the whole story here – and it’s a little depressing to look at a string of rainy days in May!  While the weather does stay fairly cool and unsettled, we’ll get plenty of dry times in there as well as a few more drops.

Today was a good example of just that, as it was a damp and dreary start to the day… and then the sun made an appearance during the afternoon.  After our washout yesterday and some more rain this morning, storm totals came in generally around 1-1.5″ of rain.  Once the rain tap shut off this afternoon… EUREKA!  The sunshine helped the temps to warm to near 70° for many!  … but now, as I write this blog, we’re tracking more showers.  Drops, then dry times then more drops… and so it continues for much of this week.

Overnight temps will bottom out in the upper 40s to 50°.  We’ll keep the clouds around, with likely some fog forming.  Tomorrow starts with some sunshine and dry weather – which is GREAT news for all of those planning on joining 7News for Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger!

It isn’t until the afternoon and evening hours that we will be tracking another round of showers once again.  But again, I stress, it’s no washout!  Just a few light showers moving through – mainly in the afternoon for the Cape and islands – and then into the evening for the rest of us.  Your best lawn-mowing opportunity will be early in the day.

The wettest weather is behind us (yesterday’s washout) – and it looks like the warmest weather is also behind us (this afternoon)…  Temps stay fairly cool through the week with clouds sticking around.  We’ll also be watching overnight tomorrow into Monday morning closely, as temps will likely fall into the 30s for most and frost will likely be a concern.  We’ll keep you posted!  – Breezy