Dry Out And Warm Up

Another rain day here in the month of April…those May flowers should be something special, eh? Our two day rainstorm is wrapping up as I type with the significant rain done. Yes, there will be pockets of drizzle & mist overnight and perhaps even a little mist early tomorrow morning but this storm has seen better days. Oddly enough the storm is actually closer to us tonight versus last night…

Now….a storm that close to New England usually means a wall of heavy rain (or snow) is movning through but not tonight. The storm is weakening as it spirals about south of New England and that means an isolated shower is possible tonight but more likely just pockets of drizzle & mist. In terms of rainfall, quite impressive 2-day totals..

most towns between 1-2″ of rain since early Tuesday morning and if you add up the rain since April 1st..

Yowza. Now that’s how you end a drought! You don’t want 8″ of rain crammed into an afternoon but when it’s spread out over a stretch of 25-30 days, magical things happen.

Thankfully, we do have some dry weather ahead the next few days. Tomorrow will still offer quite a few clouds but I also think some sunshine is likely at times. Even with limited sunshine, temps should reach the upper 50s along the coast (Boston) and mid 60s farther inland. By Friday, a weak system will cruise through here with morning clouds and an isolated shower but look for abundant sunshine by early Friday afternoon. That sun will go to work & send temps in the 70s!

The weekend offers mainly dry weather each day with only an isolated shower or thunderstorm Saturday evening.