In case you missed it, the latest Drought Monitor was issued Thursday by the USDA and NOAA and the “extreme drought” category expanded across more of the Boston area.  That means almost 2.8 million people are affected by extreme drought.  That’s 42% of the state’s population and  by far the most since these statistics have been tracked in 2000.  The previous record was 521,000 people set just last week.  If Boston doesn’t get almost an inch of rain by the end of this month, this will go down as the driest meteorological summer (Jun-Aug) on record for Boston.  Its the type of situation that can’t be solved by the hit or miss variety thunderstorms we typically get this time of year.  It would take a tropical cyclone, ideally the remnants of one, without the winds.  Otherwise we will have to wait for a fall nor’easter or a winter storm…not that I’m anxious for that either.

In the meantime, our chances for rain are slim this weekend, but not zero.  Most of the area will be dry on Saturday, but the remnants of a weak frontal boundary will be hanging out nearby and that could be the focus for a few very spotty showers.  The best chance for those spotty showers will be in the Worcester Hills and the Berkshires.  Overall it will be a decent day with temps in the upper 70s near the coast and low to mid 80s inland with a bit of humidity.

A much more significant front approaches the area on Sunday.  The end result is similar temperatures to Saturday, but much more humidity.  As the front moves in, a few showers may pop-up in western Massachusetts late in the day.  The best chance for rain will be overnight Sunday night into very early Monday morning.  Showers with heavy rain and some thunderstorms will be possible in the middle of the night.  As usual for this time of year, they will be hit or miss, so not everyone gets rain and this won’t be a drought buster.

The up side is the air behind the front…VERY pleasant!!  Temps will hover near 80 both Monday and Tuesday afternoon, near normal for late summer, but with humidity levels that are more typical of fall.  Skies quickly clear late Monday morning and stay that way until late Friday.  So, if you’ve got any vacation time leftover…consider using it during the middle part of this week.  Otherwise consider calling in sick…I’ll even write you a note.

The down side is the drought situation.  After Monday morning, we have to wait until late Friday for our next chance of rain and it doesn’t look very promising.

But seriously, enjoy the weather this week!!

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