Drying Out & Heating Up!

Sunshine finally returns this Tuesday, and we’ll have a number of days ahead to soak it up. Not only will we keep sunshine on tap throughout the day today, but we’ll also enjoy a much warmer day (and if you ask me today will be the most comfortable our four day summer-like stretch).

High pressure keeps things more mild today, with winds out of the west. We’ll still be a tad breezy at times with our westerly winds (and a few gust up to 20 mph), but we won’t be as blustery as yesterday.

A warm front ushers even milder air in for Wednesday We keep climbing in the temperature department through your workweek, with temps peaking on Thursday. We do stand a chance at breaking our record high (91°,  1936), but record or not it’s going to be hot! Main detriments to the forecast look to be dewpoints that will be somewhat oppressive Wed-Fri, and a very high pollen count through the rest of the week.


Grab your shades, sunscreen & stay hydrated!