Early And Often

Welp, if you’re gonna get rain on a summer day, might as well get it before 8am and that’s what happened today. Some hefty-duty showers & storms dropping some beneficial rain for some towns—New Bedford over an inch, East Freetown just under while metrowest & the North Shore had less than .20″. That’s typical for summer rains…..usually hit-n-miss. We could use an all-day soaker but that’s not in the cards.

We do have the risk of some sprinkles & isolated showers midday tomorrow as a very small weather system zips across northern New England during the day. For us we’ll see sun then clouds & midday sprinkles/spot shower then a return to full sunshine by mid afternoon. The shower threat itself is confined to locales north of the Pike (most likely across New Hampshire) while towns south of the Pike are dry all day (good beach day south Coast/Cape).

Thursday will be our last shot of rain for a few days as another storm system zips well south of New England—see a theme here?….Systems are not tracking directly over southern New England which means rainfall will be patchy and light. Plan on a lot of clouds with a few showers, more likely during the afternoon than morning. Most towns pick up less than .20″ of rain.

Friday and into the weekend see a return of sunshine as well as a warming trend…near 80 on Friday to up near 90 by the end of the weekend.

Enjoy those tacos.