Easter at Disney?

While many folks take the trek to Florida for April vacation this time of year, Florida is actually sending us a taste of their typical weather for Easter Sunday. Enjoy! We’ll be on even par with the House of the Mouse, as both Boston and Orlando are expected to reach 84 degrees Sunday afternoon!

Although it’s one of the warmest Easter’s on record for us, it’s not the hottest. That title still stands with Easter Sunday, 1976, as the high hit 94. Scrolling through the records, one thing that becomes quite apparent, is that this time of year, anything goes.  From the coldest to the hottest, the weather can be all over the place for Easter.  Also note, following that 94 degrees Easter was the “Run for the hoses” Marathon as much of the route experienced temps near 90 degrees.

Although we have another taste of summer on Sunday, the real warmth is only one day. Today temps average 65-70 across the area, and are back to near 70 Monday. Still great weather for One Boston Day and for the Marathon. We don’t have much rain in the forecast, but a few showers are possible with the warm front this evening, and although much of the area remains rain-free Sunday, an isolated shower or storm in the afternoon/evening is possible, especially north and west of 495. The breeze will be active, gusting to 25-30mph Saturday and Monday and gusting past 30mph on Sunday.

Marathon Monday starts mild, likely mid 60s at 10am in Hopkinton. Temps nudge 70 by midday and stay there for the early afternoon. The wind is gusty, out of the west to northwest, which is a mix of a tailwind and crosswind for the runners, although more tail than cross. While the runner may not like the temps, the spectators will as comfy conditions prevail through the day. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must along the 26.2 mile route and at Fenway the next few days.

Have a great weekend!
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