Easy Like Sunday Morning

Another stellar weekend halfway in the books and it looks like the 2nd half will finish off strong.  Sunshine greets this morning as we’ll hold onto the dry weather through the day.  Humidity is up a smidge with dewpoints running near 60, but overall, not oppressive.  Highs today will once again be coolest at the coast, and overall, run just a few degrees cooler than yesterday.  That means beach temps run mid to upper 70s to mid 80s inland.

Like much of the summer, I don’t see a lot of rain in our forecast.  There will be just an isolated shower tonight across northern MA and NH and just a small chance for a spot shower/storm Monday, but 90% of us likely don’t see a drop.   Temps start the workweek on the hot side, running close to 90 tomorrow afternoon.  One thing you’ll note tomorrow is the warm/muggy start with batches of clouds in the morning to mix in with the sun.  The chance for a spot shower/storm tomorrow is in the morning, because as the winds turn from SW to NW, the atmosphere dries out, allowing fewer clouds and lowering humidity in the afternoon.  Tuesday is comfortable and warm before Wednesday turns a bit more humid again.

The pattern is warm through Wednesday and transitions to cooler air and a flash of Fall by Thursday night, lingering into Saturday.  To get there, a cool front has to go through, and that will bring the best chance for scattered showers/storms.  That chance rolls through Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

Labor Day weekend looks good as of now with a cool start and warm finish.