Alright, alright, alright. Here we are, the big day is here as we expect the solar eclipse to traverse New England this afternoon. Overall, the weather will work out for many across the region, although I do expect some high clouds in the mix this afternoon. Temperatures will be nice too, in the low to mid 60s for many.

We certainly don’t start the day mild though, with temps running below freezing for many spots outside Boston. With that said, the chilly start is a byproduct of very dry air and crystal clear skies in place this morning, which bodes well for later today. As the full on sunshine prevails this morning, temps quickly rebound and push up into the low to mid 60s this afternoon.

The partial eclipse starts around 2:16pm, reaching max extent around 93% (near 95% NH border, near 90% South Coast) by 3:29pm. The coverage area will then slowly drop back to nothing, ending the partial eclipse around 4:39pm. With over 2 hours of being in the eclipse time, it’ll offer a good chance to check out the view of it, provided that you have the proper glass/eye protection. Around max extent time, temps may even drop a few degrees as it’ll look like dusk is approaching.

In terms of the forecast, the morning is totally sunny, but by this afternoon, some high clouds start to work in. That may yield to a milky appearance to the sky, but as off now, it doesn’t look thick enough to completely obscure the sun. So despite the high clouds, the plan is to still be able to see the sun through them, therefore see the eclipse. Make sure you have the proper eye protection!

Tomorrow, it’s another big day across the region as the Sox Home Opener is upon us. While an onshore breeze keeps it chillier near the coast, it’s at least another dry day with mostly sunny skies.

Showers return by Wednesday afternoon and will be in and out through Thursday and Friday.

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