It was hot and humid today but it’s about to get a lot worst for Thursday and Friday. All of us were under a heat advisory today for heat index values near 100°. Tomorrow, many of us have been UPGRADED to an Extreme Heat Warning for feels like temperatures near 105°. The map below looks messy. Like a spilled can of paint. But the takeaway is simple. It’ll be hot… dangerously hot again Thursday and Friday.

High temperatures hit or exceeded 90° for many of us today with peak feels like temperatures near or above 100°. Even towns that fell shy of 90° will likely do it tomorrow (aside from the Cape and Islands) with more heat in place for the next two days.

So today was day one in what will be the third heat wave of the year for many of us.

Those that did hit 90° today will do it again tomorrow. And those that did not will join the club. Keep in mind, the map below is just the air temperature. Many will have to add on ten degrees to get the FEELS LIKE temperature for Thursday afternoon

But you know the saying… “it’s not the heat it’s the humidity”. And that will be a problem again tomorrow. Dew points today were well into the 70s… well into the tropical range. They’ll be back there again tomorrow, if not even a hair higher than today. The humidity looks to peak on Friday with dew points potentially reaching the upper 70s before breaking on Sunday.

To get a dew point in the upper 70s is not common. Boston’s highest dew point on record is 78°. Now, it’s happened several times, but the latest time was back in 2016. So the takeaway is we’re talking about humidity that we see once in every 5 years.

To beat the heat and humidity, here are a few tips to keep you safe:

Of course right in the middle of this heat wave, we have both Red Sox and Patriot games ongoing. Keep in mind these temperatures you see on the graphic below are the actual air temperature and feels like temperature if you were standing in the open, not surrounded by thousands of other fans giving off body heat as well. So the actual feels like temperature inside of the stadium will be higher than these numbers you see here.

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