Fall Foliage

Yet another warm day across New England with temps well up into the 70s this afternoon:
That makes 7 of 10 days for October with above normal temps and that is on the heels of a warm September (T-13th warmest)! Despite this warmth, those leaves, they are a changing! Heck, while traveling down to New Jersey to visit friends this weekend we noticed fairly good color in the trees but while it’s been warm of late, the weather is only a modifier to fall foliage.

Warm temps delaying color change and cold temps moving things right along (windy rain also stripping leaves off the trees). #DwindlingDaylight is the real driver here:

Still, taking in the beautiful views while in shorts/t-shirts around New England this year has been different. We actually do have fall temps on the horizon late this week…those temps are up behind that cold front in Canada on this map (also seen on that temp map above)…

That front will also prevent a storm, no in Chicagoland, from hitting us head on with steady rain. We will see some clouds and perhaps an isolated shower from that storm tomorrow night but essentially we are dry the rest of the weekend with a temporary return to fall temps on Thursday and Friday. I say temporary because mild air is set to return for the weekend with afternoon highs heading for the mid 70s (normal high is 63)! Late summer humidity may also return for a day or two leate in the weekend-early next week.

Looking ahead, other than a few shots of cool air that last a day or three, I don’t see any significant-lengthy chilly weather between now and Halloween (this does not mean we will have a warm, snowless winter).