Fall Has Many Colors

Fall arrived–big time–this past weekend with that crisp, cool air. I also noted some colors in the trees (one of my diseased trees has nearly lost all its leaves!) and a ton of people in my little town to pick them apples. #Fall. Another sign of fall are big, gnarly, slow moving storms. We see this in springtime but can also see them during early fall as the winter jet stream begins its awakening from hibernation. The jet stream isn’t quite strong enough to move the storms along at breakneck pace like it is in January so what ends up happening is a storm can become cut off from the jet stream itself. Like this:
You see the storm located around Tennessee, Kentucky & Ohio while the main jet stream flows across southern Canada. The storm ends up sitting & spinning & wobbling around for a few days and because it’s located fairly close to the Atlantic Ocean, plan on a lot of clouds and the chance of rain. The storm being way over there in Tennessee is a little too far away to drench us with rain every day but rather clouds (for sure) and a few passing showers, pockets of drizzle & mist. Not ideal for ending the drought but we’ll take what we can get. The first batch of rain from that slow mover is located across western New York this evening:

and will be here for the Tuesday morning commute. Ready the rain gear as it will be needed for much of the morning but by noon rain will begin to taper and even some sun by afternoon( clouds & showers linger across Cape/South Coast for much of the afternoon). Most towns pick up .30″ or less.

For Wednesday and beyond it’s rinse & repeat with mainly cloudy skies right through the weekend and the chance of showers. At first, the chance of rain is low but it will go up by the time we reach the weekend:
The temps will take a hit with afternoon highs around 60 right through that stretch of dreary, dank weather.