Fall Running Late

Late summer makes a return to New England for the next several days. Today was the first day of the bounce back as sunshine, and southwesterly winds pushed temps into the mid 70s…normal for early September! This return to late summer weather is due to High pressure parked off the east coast this evening:

you can see on that satellite picture from this afternoon that skies are clear up & down the east coast. You also notice a stripe of clouds from southeastern Canada back into the southern Plains. That’s a cold front but to be honest, there isn’t much cold air behind that front. In fact, what little cold air there is (Minnesota), it’s not heading this way but rather up into southern Canada. The front itself will drape itself across southern New England tomorrow evening and right through the upcoming Holiday Weekend but with no cold air, we’ll hold onto the late summer-like temps well into next week. We will see an increase in humidity as we head for the weekend, so much so that I think it becomes “muggy” “humid” “uncomfortable” by then. Dewpoint trend spells it out better…

With late summer-like temps (70s and low 80s) and an increase in humidity, there is the risk of a few sprinkles & showers over the next few days but no day between now & next Monday is washed out or even completely cloudy..

Keeping with the late summer theme, yet another tropical storm is likely to form tonight…Nate. Currently near Nicaragua & Costa Rica, future Nate will head north toward the Gulf Of Mexico and likely make landfall as a strong tropical storm/low end hurricane in the panhandle of Florida late in the weekend. His remnants (rain, some wind) may show up middle of next week across the northeast. More on that later….I’m running late.