We’re almost a week into what is officially fall, and it will finally start to feel like it tomorrow. And it’s about time. September was comprised almost entirely of above average days, with the only below average days happened in the first three days of the month.

The showers and thunderstorms (some severe) we had today fired along the cold front that will bring in the fall like air tomorrow. Temperatures were in the 60s today with the clouds and rain so we won’t drop temperatures a ton over the next few days but you’ll notice the humidity plummet. Today, dew points were in the 60s — sticky and muggy. By tomorrow, dew points will fall to the 40s and stay there for the rest of the week! So the 60s combined with that crisp air will finally make it feel like fall.

If you haven’t pulled out the fall layers yet, now is the time to do it. Highs over the next few days will be in the 60s and with dry air in place, overnight lows will fall well into the 40s. That’s a classic sign of fall and the dry air. Dry air allows for big temperature swings and a fast cool down at night.

The cool overnights will also jump start the fall colors a bit. After a couple cool nights, you’ll notice the leaves will probably accelerate their change a bit. And speaking of fall colors, what’s to expect this year? Well it’s dependent where in New England you want to go! The summers were very different in northern and southern New England so that will lead to a difference in fall color quality. The wet weather in southern New England will lead to colors changing a little later than average and muted colors. Northern New England on the other hand had a drought this summer so colors will turn earlier and colors will be brighter, though short lived.

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