There’s not much to say about the weather today.  Really, it could be summed up in one, three-syllable word:  Fan-Tas-Tic!  However, I’m still required to write a blog, and also to talk about the weather for 2-3 minutes for every half-hour of news.  :c)  So, let’s talk about it.  You dig it?  Tomorrow is even better.

First, fireworks:  It has been a little breezy all day, and with dry air in place (low humidity) there is an elevated fire weather potential.  The NWS has issued a “Speical Weather Statement” for this.  What it means is, if a fire were to ignite, it would have prime conditions for spreading quickly – and it could prove difficult for firefighters to knock down.  Where I come from (Boise, Idaho) this is the WORST news for the 4th of July weekend – but it’s also very typical for the mountainous-desert climate there.  In fact, just a couple of days ago, 2,600 acres of Boise’s most prized foothills went up in flames due to fireworks.  UGH.  Seeing that news all over social media made me sick to my stomach.  Look at this picture:  I guess it’s a reminder that you don’t want to mess around with fire – or you might get burned.  Fireworks are illegal here anyway (not in Boise), but people will still try to be silly with their own.  Don’t let this happen here!  Furthermore, just keep your head about you this weekend and stay safe.   Okay, off my soapbox now.

You know what, best to just go see some professional fireworks done!  There are a LOT of programs scheduled around the area.  You can find many of them here:

We’re in for a warming trend!  Highs tomorrow are back into the 80s, and the breeze will be lighter than today.  We get warm sunshine to enjoy both Sunday and Monday – and the highs on the 4th will be in the mid to upper 80s for most!  Just lovely for any outdoor activities you have planned, and you may not even need the extra layer heading to a fireworks program on Monday!  Between 9-11pm, temps should still be in the 70s for most!

Now Tuesday… There is a chance that some of us could get some wet weather on Tuesday… but it’s looking like a “slight chance.”  A batch of more inclement weather passes to our south on Tuesday – but it may just stay south.  I do think though, that we will see more cloud cover that day which could keep temps in the low 80s for daytime highs.  It will also turn a little muggier starting Tuesday.

Past that, we TURN UP THE HEAT.  Low to mid 90s are in store for both Wednesday and Thursday.  Ready for it?  We’re getting into the thick of July.  Friday is our next chance for any showers/storms.  Depending on the timing of the wet weather on Friday, we could be in for a third HOT day into the 90s.  If this warm-weather-news bums you out, remember last year:  We had showers on the 4th, 2015 (booo, hiss! booo) and we were still trying to get all of that stinkin’ snow on the snow farms to melt away from our historical winter before.  It didn’t officially melt until July 14th of 2015.  Wow!  I just realized, I still managed to include the “S-word” in my blog about Fan-Fireworks-Tastic July weather!  Way to go, Breezy.  :c)

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