Feeling Like Fall

What a difference 24 hours makes. Some spots almost 30° cooler than just 24 hours ago (as of 4pm)!

Whether you like it or not, fall is not too far away… 11 days officially! And it certainly felt like it this afternoon.

If you enjoy the fall-like air, you’ll get a few days to enjoy this weather. You may have had to dig through the drawers today and bust out the fleece or flannel, but you’ll get use out of it again tomorrow and even early Saturday as we’ll wake up near 50.

We’ll have a lot of sunshine on Friday, so while temperatures will feel a lot like today did, it will look significantly different. The clear skies will gradually give way to cloud cover by Saturday. Friday night is the Full Harvest Moon so if you’re trying to catch a glimpse, you’ll be better off Friday evening/night versus early Saturday as the clouds thicken up overnight.

After consulting with Google, pumpkin season (not Pumpkin Spice Season… that’s well underway!) begins in mid September… so Saturday! If you’re heading out to the pumpkin patches you may still need to bundle up. There will be a lot of clouds, and while temperatures climb to the 70s for most, there will still be a good breeze throughout the day.

Now that we’re all getting into the fall like feels, it will soon start to look like fall too. A few trees here and there are starting to turn but in general the big time color is about a month away. Peak color pops up in northern New England later this month, while most of us closer to Boston have to wait until mid October. We do have a lot of the requirement needed for the leaf change, however. We have lost a significant amount of daylight (sunsets now before 7pm, believe it or not), we’ve been dry this month and certainly have had some cool nights with temperatures falling to the 40s.

Looking for the hard freeze? Well that’s even further down the road. I think a lot of us are looking forward to a hard freeze with the threat of EEE looming but the typical first freeze for most of us is still a month or more away, so in the meantime wear the sleeves and bug spray if you’re out at night.

While days around these parts are starting to cool off and we’re talking first freeze, the tropics are still plenty warm. In fact, this is the peak for Hurricane Season. The National Hurricane Center is watching a disturbance off Florida which they’re giving an 80% chance of developing into a Tropical Depression in the next 5 days. As you can see from climatology, the waters are active this time of year and just about everybody on the coast has the risk of seeing some sort of tropical system.