Few Flakes, Some Drops

Winter Solstice occurred at 5:44 this morning–marking the arrival of winter as well as the shortest day (daylight) of the year with just nine hours and 5 minutes of daylight today. Despite the limited sun, it was a decent winter day–sunny skies, little to no wind and seasonably mild temps–low 40s for most. That is essentially the theme right into next week…no bitterly cold air, no powerhouse snowstorms (sorry snow lovers) but also, no 60 degree weather at Christmas like last year.

What we do have are two weak systems that will cut across New England, the first is slated for tomorrow morning and the second is scheduled for Saturday—long before Santa arrives. First things first, the Thursday storm. It’s nothing like this past weekend but I do think there will be some snow across northern Massachusetts tomorrow morning. It will be patchy & light but not disruptive for travel. In fact, the hydrometeors are likely to be in the form of raindrops rather than snowflakes as the air from Boston south looks just warm enough. Even where it does snow (along and north of Rt.2) a coating-1″ is possible with more snow likely up in northern New England. The system is a fast-mover so the whole thing is done by early afternoon as temps bounce into the low 40s.

Friday is quiet with sunshine & seasonably mild temps–low 40s.

The Holiday weekend sees a Saturday storm but like Thing #1, this is weak and fast moving. This storm will have a little more mild air to play with so all locations here in southern New England see jusr rain showers through the day (6am until 4pm). If you are traveling up into northern New England for the weekend, it will be cold enough for snow so allow for extra travel time if heading up north. Sunshine is with us on Sunday. Not quite as warm as the past two years (around 60 each year!) but not bitterly cold either….sunny with temps in the mid 40s.

Happy Holidays!