Few Showers Ahead, Interest In Tropics Too

It’s not quite as cool as yesterday morning, but once again a comfortable start to the day with temps running in the 60s to start and reaching the mid to upper 80s to finish. Clouds filter out sunshine at times today, but much of the day is dry aside from a spotty late-day shower.  A better chance for scattered showers arrives tonight and lingers through tomorrow.  Although, by tomorrow afternoon, the best chance for a shower or thunderstorm tends to focus itself south of the Pike, especially over Southeast Mass.

Those showers and storms are along a cool front that’ll bring in some Canadian air Friday, through the weekend, with highs in the 70s and low in the 50s. The most challenging part of the forecast appears for the second half of the holiday weekend and early next week as the future track of what is currently tropical depression 9 will play a critical role. TD 9 is expected to become a tropical storm before making landfall in Florida and then emerge off the Carolina coastline as a tropical storm. While the forecast track has high confidence through the next few days, the uncertainly increases greatly by Saturday night and beyond. Note the wide spread of the forecast “cone” by Sunday and Monday. A track several hundred miles away from us would mean it’s just breezy with partly sunny skies Sunday/Monday.  A track much closer to us would mean we deal with rain and wind.

Initially, there’s a massive blocking high that set’s up Saturday over us. What’s critical to the future track of this storm is if it can escape out to sea before that high blocks it’s path as the high moves east on Sunday and Monday. If that high blocks the tropical storm from going out to sea, then the storm likely stalls off the eastern seaboard and may even get pushed back toward the coast. In that situation, folks anywhere from VA to MA will have to keep an eye out for the potential of rain and wind sometime late this weekend/early next week. Plenty to keep an eye on for now, but nothing imminent.  Regardless of exact track, the Atlantic has been busy/stormy lately, so if you’re heading to the beach, be mindful of the rough surf/rip currents. We’ll keep you updated!