The beautiful Spring weather we had the last couple of days comes to a close this morning. It sure was nice though yesterday as temps ran into the low to mid 60s away from the coast with lots of sunshine in place.

This morning, we’ll start off tracking some scattered showers. While the temps start in the low to mid 40s, for many of us, those numbers don’t rise all that much. Across Southeast Mass, some locations do jump up well into the 50s, but even there, the temps fade into the 40s this afternoon as north to northeast winds take over. It’s not a washout of a day as showers are in and out. The highest risk of widespread showers is late morning. This afternoon is generally cloudy and cool with a raw feel to the air with patchy drizzle or spot shower leftover.

The weekend forecast features temps in the mid 50s with a few scattered showers on St. Patrick’s Day. It won’t be a washout though. If you’re heading to the Southie Parade, plans on temps in the 50s with a few passing showers possible, mainly in the morning/midday. Next week looks chilly, with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s to low 30s.

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