Fighting A War On Two Fronts

I’m not a World War II expert but I recall someone telling me the Axis had no shot of winning the war due to having to fight a war on two fronts. New England has almost no shot of repeating today’s weather over the weekend…..a cold front to our west is barreling this way and east of New England a storm sits & spins out over the ocean.

The front is too far away to bother us tomorrow (more on him later) but that storm is where we start. Now, the storm won’t back into New England but it will send some clouds our way overnight & through the day tomorrow. Tomorrow is not nearly as nice as today but still decent for outdoor activities with seasonable temps (low-mid 50s) and here’s the key…no wind! Rake those leaves.

Sunday it is the cold front that comes into New England sideways! This front will bring clouds (even a few rain showers before 7am) but also is bringing in some cold air. This cold air will arrive on gusty winds, at times over 30 mph, adding insult to injury. Temps will start the day near 50 but then fall into the low 40s by late afternoon.

Not quite cold enough for snow in these parts but across New York state and western/northern New England….plenty cold for snow showers. Here is what may fall by Monday afternoon:
Not exactly what you want to see if you are traveling either Sunday or Monday but it’s just what you want to see if you’re a skier! Unlike the past two winters, this one is likely to get off to a faster start.

Have a great weekend.