Filters. That sun was filtered today by clouds from a storm just offshore–too far way to bother us with rain but just close enough to produce that filtered sunshine. I think Wednesday is similar as another storm is just offshore. This storm may actually produce a few showers tomorrow morning on the Cape/Islands but essentially it’s a “miss.”

Unfortunately, yet another storm heads this way for both Thursday and Friday. That storm will not be a “miss”. Plan on periods of rain both days with temps stuck in the low to mid 50s. Since this looks like 2 days of off/on rain, the rainfall potential is legit…most towns likely picking up between 1-2″ of rain by late Friday evening. The storm will also kick up the surf each day and that combined with some high astronomical tides could lead to some pockets of minor coastal flooding at the high tide cycles on Thursday & Friday.

not exactly the kind of pattern you want as you head into the Memorial Day Weekend. The weekend doesn’t looks washed out but the pattern is not a warm/hot/beachy/pooly pattern. As of this evening, it appears Saturday is the best/safest dry day for temps in the 60s. Sunday & Monday look like a lot of clouds around both days and perhaps a few showers late Sunday evening and again Monday morning. As of this evening, the timing of those showers are not locked in so check back next few days for better timing of the shower threat.