Final Countdown


Temperatures are a few degrees warmer than yesterday morning, but by and large we’re going to be seeing more of the same today. We’ll see some peeks of sunshine this morning, but cloud cover again thickens up into the afternoon (with still a few peaks of sunshine here and there). We again have the chance for a few sprinkles, mainly this afternoon. Again, the moisture we do manage will be light, as well as hit and miss. Despite mild temps and winds this AM, we won’t look toward much of a warm up this Thursday. A sea breeze again keeps temps cooler across the coast in the mid to low-50s, whereas inland locations warm up close to 60°.

While tomorrow is again a kind of repeat of today, we are in the final countdown for this weather pattern! Low pressure still camped out to our north will get the memo today, and finally start to scoot off the coast. Our next storm system helps provide the shove that disrupts our current pattern. Unfortunately, this next weather maker isn’t high pressure, but instead a more potent storm system bringing active weather for Mother’s Day weekend.  Heaviest rainfall looks to arrive late Saturday night through mid-morning Sunday, with 1-2″ of rain possible (which could overwhelm poor drainage areas). Winds will be blustery Sunday morning, with gusts up to 30-40 mph across the coast, dying down though into the mid-morning.