While we had to wait two weeks late for our first 80° day in Boston, our first 90° day showed up about 2 weeks early.

Typically our first 90° reading in Boston occurs in early June but we did it in late May this year. By the way, the first 90° reading of the year is far from uncommon, it’s happened in 3 of the last 5 years. But when you average it out with the times it happens late, like late June or July, we get June 8th.

But there you have it, the 2021 count has begun.

Not only was it hot today, it was humid too. Dew points climbed to the 60s which is quite muggy. Especially since this is our first bout of humidity for the year, our bodies aren’t as used to it as say mid August. Yesterday was hot too, 89° was the high in Boston but that one degree felt a lot different since we weren’t as humid yesterday.

Then this afternoon some downpours popped up. Those fired along the cold front and easy to see the cold air following behind it in Northern New England.

So tomorrow ill be a nice break from not only the heat but also the humidity. Temperatures for most of us will top out near 70 degrees, with mid 60s on the coastline.

Soak it up, because we’re not done with the heat yet! Another shot at 90° by the middle of the upcoming week.

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