From near 50º and rain last weekend, to near 90º with sunshine this weekend. This will be the start of the first heat wave of 2021.

Saturday morning will have patchy fog, especially in southeast Massachusetts, and right along the coast. Once the fog burns off, temperatures will jump into the mid 80s by lunch time. There will be a breeze in the afternoon and highs reach close to 90º. It will feel muggy as we approach sunset and it is warm in the low 80s.

Sunday morning will feel humid and we’re already in the mid 70s by 8AM. Lunch time temperatures reach into the upper 80s, and then highs eventually make it into the low 90s. It will be a hot and humid end to the weekend.

Water temperatures are still cold, but if you want to soak in the sun, the beach forecast is looking good this weekend. The beaches will be in the low and mid 80s Saturday, and in the mid and upper 80s on Sunday. Both days have plenty of sunshine.

It looks like we have a good shot at hitting 90º Saturday, making it the start of a heat wave. We remain in the low 90s until Tuesday. On average we see 2 heat waves per year. In 2020 we had 3 heat waves.

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