Flash of Fall

Can you smell that ocean air this morning? Most likely, if you’re in eastern Mass, the answer is yes since the east to northeasterly breezes have kicked on in. That’ll be Mother Nature’s version of A/C today as we’ve also lowered the humidity, making for a very comfortable day for the ball fields and golf courses. Sure, it’s cooler at the beach today, but with some sun, I’m sure the kiddos will still have fun. Sand space is limited around lunch as high tide rolls in close to noon.

If you’re looking to get your tan on, it doesn’t matter the temperatures, the UV index is still the same whether it’s 92 or 72, so even though the sun doesn’t “feel as hot”, you can still burn the same, use the sunscreen!

Although we stay dry today, we don’t Monday and Tuesday as rounds of showers roll on in. With the cool northeasterly wind prevailing, temps don’t budge much, hanging in the 60s to near 70 each day.

Wednesday and Thursday look good, near 80 with returning sun before another front drags in some showers and storms Friday and perhaps into Saturday AM. One thing is apparent, the next couple of weeks favors no high heat which means 70s or 80s will be commonplace vs. the 90s we just saw.

Enjoy the rest of you weekend!

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