Fog to Full on Summer

In the misty morning fog. Our hearts a thumpin’ and you, my brown eyed girl.

Anyone else have Van Morrison stuck in their heads the last few mornings?  It seems like these damp mornings are becoming routine as plenty of low level humidity combined with light winds and longer nights, has been able to produce a good deal of mist and fog this morning. In fact, that fog is thick enough that a dense fog advisory is in place for much of the eastern Massachusetts coastline until 9am. While fog is most widespread along the coast, it’s locally dense inland too.

It’ll be a slow process to rid the fog and low clouds today, but a process that will take place. After the gloomy start and even a few spotty early morning showers, some sun does break out this afternoon. That sun, combined with an overall warm atmosphere, will allow for a quick bump in temps as temps push the low to mid 80s  as some afternoon sun starts to break out. Onshore breezes keep it coolest, mid 70s, at the coast.

A few widely scattered showers/storms slide through northern Mass and Central New England this evening and overnight, otherwise, I expect more dry weather to end the week. As early clouds yield to partly to mostly sunny skies by tomorrow afternoon, we’ll heat up.  Temps push 90 degrees, including for Boston. It’ll be the 21st time this year of cracking 90 in the city if we do make it there. The average is 14 times, the record is 30, set in 1983.

Humidity lowers Friday night and it’s more comfortable over the weekend. The weekend looks mainly dry during the days, however a warm front, quickly followed by a cool front would likely produce some scattered showers/storms across New England Saturday night into early Sunday.

Early next week looks great with very comfy weather on Monday and Tuesday.

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