Free A/C

Did you take advantage of our noticeably cooler night last night?  Norwood bottomed out at 47°!  I even saw some comments on social media about how it felt like “early fall” out today with the cooler morning and dry afternoon.  Dewps are running the 40s today!  No “Frizz Factor” here… but maybe a static-cling problem.  :c)  We get to enjoy another comfortably cool night tonight before changes arrive.

While the humidity remains in check again tomorrow, it’s going to be warmer.  We’re looking at highs around 90° once again, under ample sunshine.  A great beach/pool day for sure!  It’s another “quiet weather day.”  Enjoy!  but don’t get used to it.  Maybe Axl Rose said it best, “Nothin’ lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change.”  By “hearts” he was obviously talking about the forecast.  The forecast will be changing.

Humidity is on the increase, and 90° temps look to be sticking around for a bit.  With the heat, the humidity, and a “lifting mechanism” coming in the form of a pre-frontal trough on Friday afternoon, we’re in for another round of boomers.  Not JUST boomers, but possibly some very serious storms.  Friday is our day to be “weather aware.”
With the temps reaching into the low 90s for most, I know you’ll want to hit the beach, take a swim, do some backyard grillin’… the first part of the day will be great for this, but storms are expected in the afternoon and evening.  The SPC (Storm Prediction Center) has put us in the “slight risk” category for severe weather on Friday.  Remember what happened on Monday, though;  some areas got hit HARD – and other areas missed the storms completely.  This could be the case again on Friday, and it’s really hard to pin-point exactly who gets slammed.  So, as always, stay tuned for details and we’ll get through it.

Could we be in for a “heat wave” this weekend?  Could be!  I know some areas/towns will get there.  All it takes is 3 consecutive days of 90°+, and that is certainly in the forecast.  Stay cool.  – Breezy