It was a gorgeous Thanksgiving across southern New England today. Temperatures climbed to the 50s with a lot of sun this morning and a few clouds mixing in through the afternoon.

All good things (like today’s weather) must come to an end. And that it will. Showers will move in for Friday with a cold front that will also drop our temperatures.

The wettest part of the day will be Friday morning. The rain will be steady, but it won’t be heavy. If you have to travel, you should be ok. We’re not talking flooding rains or downpours. But it still doesn’t make for a great morning or day to be outside. The rain will become more scattered by the midday hours but never totally shuts off.

In fact, with the cold air coming in behind, we’ll likely see the rain go over to snow for a lot of us before the system is totally gone! Don’t worry, it’s really going to be more of a festive snow than anything else. Most of it will melt on contact with maybe a coating to 1″ sticking in the Worcester Hills and southern New Hampshire.

Behind this system is another round of not only cold but also wind. Saturday will be quite blustery. Temperatures will climb to the upper 30s but will feel like the 20s all day with winds gusting to 30 or 35 mph at times. Sunday looks better… still cold but much less wind.

There’s another shot at some snow Sunday night into Monday morning but this one has more uncertainty with it. What we know is we have an area of low pressure rolling off the mid Atlantic coast and passing southwest of Nantucket. There’s been some model variability with it so we don’t know the exact track or strength of the storm. Both of which play into a snow forecast… where’s the rain/snow line? Is it flakes or will it actually accumulate? We’ll get a better idea of those questions in the next couple of days.

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