Friend Or Foe?

The backdoor cool front. It gets a lot of airplay–err, blog time between March and May and it is public enemy #1 for folks in eastern New England as this front can often put springtime warmth on hold. These fronts are most common in springtime for us but they can–and do–occur during summertime as well. That’s when they can become your friend. We have such front on the map this evening, currently draped across northern New England but it is showing signs of heading this way!

The scattered showers, downpours and storms are an early sign of such front. This front, as it begins its assault on our extreme heat & humidity, will continue to trigger scattered showers & storms this evening and some of those storms my produce some very heavy rain & frequent lightning. Most of us see little if any rain but if you get tagged by one of these storms, a quick 1-3″ is possible. The storm threat fades as the evening wears on.

By tomorrow, our backdoor front will do its thing—ushering in some relief from the heat, especially along the coast. Temps along the coast (beaches too) are likely in the low 70s, even some 60s up on Cape Ann/NH Seacoast! Farther inland, not quite as cool for places like Attleboro, Worcester & Nashua–plan on your temps in the low 80s. It’s still somewhat humid for all of us but at least we get a break from the excessive heat. Clouds & sun share the sky inland while coastal locations see mostly cloudy skies. A random shower is possible (more likely west of Rt 128 than east) with that front in the area.

This reprieve from the heat is a 1 and done kind of thing as the front fades by Sunday. That means we are all right back into the steam heat with hazy sunshine. Temps will once again skyrocket into the low 90s with high humidity. Good day for the beaches, pools & lakes. A slight risk of some afternoon storms is back along with the heat.

Early next week we see a general continuation of the summer pattern…..warm to hot temps with moderate humidity and the risk of scattered showers & storms–more so on Tuesday Wednesday than Monday. Summer doing its thing.