Get the shovels ready! Another round of snow… and sleet and rain is on the way for your Saturday. It is not a block buster storm by any means but a good chunk of us will probably need to scrape the driveway once tomorrow night. The funny thing is, for most of us it won’t be purely a snowstorm. It will be a snow/sleet/rain/junk storm. Regardless of what falls, it’s going to create slick travel Saturday afternoon, evening, and overnight. A winter weather advisory is in effect for Massachusetts for slick travel from the mixed bag of precipitation that falls. Northern New England has a winter storm warning for several inches of accumulation and a plowable snow.

Because of that sleet contamination, there is going to be a sharp cut off in snow totals as you travel north and west from Boston. Not much has changed with our snow map thinking over the last few days.

Travel will be the worst where the accumulations are highest and also where we’ll see a lot of sleet. Just be cautious on the roads tomorrow afternoon and night. The snow tomorrow will probably have a hard time sticking initially with warm surface temperatures and the daylight hours. But once the sun goes down, we’ll start to coat things over.

Here’s a timeline of the storm below. I’ll let the graphics do the talking as far as the timing but here are a few takeaways:

  • Starts snowing around midday as snow for most of us. It may even leave a brief grassy coating on areas that don’t have a “coating” on our snow map. But as soon as it flips to rain that’ll get washed away.
  • The sleet and rain line will progress northward and gradually change the snow to sleet for the evening and for some of us pure rain.
  • The sleet line will likely make it to Route 2 if not even southern New Hampshire.
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