From 70s to 50s

7Weather-The warmer air is not here for long. A cold front moves in early Wednesday, dropping temperatures for the rest of the week.


Temperatures will be all over the place. It will feel muggy and warm when you step out the door tomorrow morning, with temperatures in the 70s and dew points in the mid 60s.

The cold front will begin to move into southern New Hampshire by late morning, around lunch time for Boston, and just after lunch for SE Mass.

It will be cool by the time you walk out of work with temps in the low 60s. Take the rain gear with you, a few showers will move through with the front.



You’ll feel the difference in the air on Thursday. Temperatures will depend on cloud cover. Clouds act as a blanket and don’t let temperatures drop as much.

If the clouds stick around all night, most towns wake up to temps in the upper 40s to low 50s. If we see some clearing, some will wake up to low 40s.

Most of the day is cloudy on Thursday  . It will be chilly with highs in the mid and upper 50s. An isolated shower is possible before sunset, but scattered rain is more likely after 9 PM.

The cooler air sticks around Friday and Saturday. Friday is dry, but still mainly cloudy. Saturday has some sunshine and a fall-like feel.