From One Extreme to Another

The third heat wave of the summer happened last week, and now we’re in store for more “fall like” temps this week.  It really is “typical New England weather” in the sense that there is nothing “typical” about it.  We’re going from one extreme, right into the other.

Today’s highs topped out in the mid 70s for most – Get ready for even cooler temps tomorrow.  With a persistent on-shore wind (ENE) and cloudy skies, temps don’t budge much at all tomorrow.  We’ll have overnight lows in the 55-61° range, then afternoon highs tomorrow in the 63-69° range. To put things in perspective, the “normal” high for this time of year in Boston is 82°.

Monday will also feature wet weather.  Widespread scattered showers get going in the Bay State early in the morning and continue into early afternoon.  Rain could be locally heavy from time to time, but the heaviest rain may favor locations across the South Coast of New England (including the Cape and islands).  All said and done, most spots will pick up around 0.5″ of rain – but some areas could come in with totals between 1.5″-2.0″.  Widespread showers should taper by 3-4pm, but it will still be cool, damp and dreary.

This cool & damp weather continues into Tuesday, but it shouldn’t be as wet.  Only spotty showers expected on Tuesday, that I’ll give about a 20-30% chance.  Highs top out in the upper 60s to near 70° both days.

Wednesday is my pick of the week!  Partly cloudy skies, temps back into the upper 70s (coolest along the coast) and dry weather.  More good news?  Well, the humidity should hold back until late Thursday.  It will get a little sticky/muggy by then and into Friday the unsettled weather is back.