From Soakers to Scorchers…

Have you caught the new weather spot on 7News yet?  Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Reiner says, “From soakers to scorchers, New England weather can change like THAT!”  This statement couldn’t be more true than it is this week.  We got our soaker overnight last night into early this morning, bringing around 1-2″ of rain to most spots.  We still have showers to start the week… but then BOOM!  Just like THAT, we could get our first 90° day of the season!

Unfortunately, it stayed quite gloomy, raw and wet for the rest of Mother’s Day today.  Sorry, Mom!  But I do hope that your breakfast-in-bed was just what this dreary forecast ordered up for you.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms – especially my own… because I’m sorta partial to that wonderful lady.  She reads my blogs and watches my forecasts almost every day from the #Idahome.  What a supportive woman!  

We still have wet weather sticking around – and it’s with us to start Monday out.  Showers fill back in overnight tonight, and continue through the first half of Monday.  I think we have a good shot at picking up another 0.25″ to 0.5″ – but the real SOAKER was last night.  It looks like the showers will taper around mid-day, and even the clouds could break apart for some peeks of sunshine during the late afternoon!  Here’s to hoping!

It’s not only still wet out, but it’s also still breezy/windy.  This is especially true for the coastline, Cape and islands. The NWS has extended the Wind Advisory for those areas to continue through 10pm tonight for gusts between 35-45mph.  It will be windy again tomorrow, and if another advisory is issued we’ll be sure to keep you updated.  Remember, Today in New England now gets started every weekday morning at 4:30am!  Tune in with meteorologist Wren Clair!

Now – we’ve talked about the SOAKER, so let’s talk about the SCORCHER!  High pressure moves in to dry us out and calm the wind on Tuesday.  Under mostly sunny skies, temps should climb into the low to mid 70s for most!  The warming doesn’t stop there… it’s into the 80s for Wednesday (60s for the Cape) and up to 90° on Thursday (70s for the Cape).  It may even feel a touch muggy on Thursday – but I just want to say now THE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT IS CLOSED.  We have had such a stale, gloomy, cool and wet pattern that’s worn out its welcome… Even if you’re not a fan of the heat so soon, the change will be nice and I plan on enjoying it!  To the beach!!  See you there.  – Breezy

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