Warm fronts, cold fronts and storms…..all three can make a mess of outdoor plans, travel plans as well as wreck havoc on temperatures. We don’t have a storm on the way but rather those
aforementioned fronts…

First up is a warm front slated to move through late tonight. This front will generate clouds as well as some pockets of light snow late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. Not a big deal but even a coating on untreated road surfaces can snarl up the commute. In terms of where this snow happens….most likely across southern New Hampshire but even possible down to around the MA Pike

You folks that got that surprise bonus snow yesterday morning, rest assured….no additional snow tomorrow morning. After 11am, the snow threat ends and we just have a bunch of clouds and warming temps (behind that warm front)….near 40. Late tomorrow night and into very early Friday morning the cold front portion of this program arrives. Plan on some rain showers late tomorrow evening (leftover warm air from the afternoon means raindrops, no snowflakes). As the front approaches early Friday morning (5-7am) the rain showers will flip over to a brief period of snow. it looks like much of the region will see a coating-1″. The Friday morning commute could be dicey if roads aren’t treated. In any event, sunshine returns by midday.

That 33 you see on Friday is early in the day, much colder air filters into new England by afternoon, sending temps into the teens by late Friday evening. Saturday is cold but dry.

All this cold and talk of snow bumming you out….welp, tomorrow is February 1st. We begin to see a major ramp up in daylight during the month of February!

Bring it.