7Weather- Frost is likely to form overnight with light wind, dew points in the mid 30s and temperatures in the low and mid 30s. A Frost Advisory is in effect overnight for areas away from the immediate coast. Bring in or cover sensitive plants.

Temperatures will be in the 30s before sunrise (5:39AM), and then we quickly recover into the low 50s by 9AM. Sunday is the pick of the 7-day! Highs will be between 65-70º inland, and into the low 60s along the coast. Wind is light and there will be plenty of sunshine.

Monday is mainly cloudy and there will be a few, light showers throughout the day. Temperatures start in the upper 30s and low 40s and then we get into the upper 50s in the afternoon. An onshore wind keeps the coast cooler.

Tuesday has lots of clouds with highs near 60º inland. An onshore wind keeps the coast cooler. There could be a lingering shower in the morning.

Wednesday has wet weather with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. Things clear out Thursday and we reach into the mid 60s.

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