Today was a beautiful fall day around New England. Granted it was quite a bit colder than yesterday (nearly 20° cooler in spots), but it was the perfect weather for all the classic fall weather activities like apple picking and pumpkin patches.

A cool day today will set up a cool night tonight. In fact many of us might see our first frost tomorrow morning. Even if frost doesn’t form on your car hood it will be plenty chilly early tomorrow morning as most towns drop to the 30s overnight.

It’s getting to be the time of year where we have to start being “ok” saying goodbye to our summer plants but if there’s a few you’re trying to salvage and hold on to longer, you might want to cover them up or pull them inside tonight. Or if you already grabbed pumpkins and they’re outside, pull those inside for the night.

Despite the cool start we have another gorgeous day on tap for Sunday. Temperatures will be similar to today with sunshine making a comeback.

And if you’re lucky enough to have Monday off too and have a long weekend, the beautiful fall weather will stick around for you and go 3/3 on your long weekend!

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