Getting Winter Going

Today was very close to “normal” for the beginning of December, but maybe it felt even cooler because of the cloud cover that managed to hold on all day.  Mostly cloudy skies will break apart a bit overnight tonight – but we should have a better opportunity to view the full “Cold Moon” tomorrow night.  What makes it a “supermoon?”  The Moon is at its closest orbit to Earth, called “perigee,” which makes the moon appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter.  Pretty cool!  Or “cold” as the name of this full moon would imply:

Tomorrow is a “rinse and repeat” of today, without the literally “rinsing.”  Hopefully we’ll get some more peeks and glimmers of sunshine – and temps may be a degree or two above today’s highs.  Still, really close to normal for this time of year, with highs in the mid to upper 40s.  So, we’re kicking off meteorological winter (Dec.1 – Feb. 28th) in appropriate fashion… but how long will the forecast remain “normal” and “quiet?”  If we’ve learned anything from living in New England – wait a minute, it will change (the weather, that is).

Milder air moves in for Tuesday into Wednesday, taking temps into the 50s.  This is also the timeline we’ll track for our next round of showers.  You can see that below, with showers starting to move in late Tuesday and sticking around through much of Wednesday:

Now, Wednesday’s temps start very mild (mid 50s) and will gradually fall throughout the day as the colder air moves in.  If that cold air moves in before the precip is done… some of our drops could turn to flakes through early Thursday morning.  We’ll be watching this possibility closely, though for now it doesn’t look like anything significant… I’m not anticipating any trouble for the Thursday morning commute.  Still, stay tuned to updates.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about a colder pattern ahead.  This is true; the cold air looks inevitable – and the pattern also looks “blocked.”  This means that the “cold will hold” once it moves in.  So, if we have the cold, will we get the snow?  We’ll see – and I do have some light snow in the forecast at the end of the week (mix at the coast).  If this rings true, we may actually get our first inch or more in Boston right on time this year, according to 30 year averages:

Either way – it appears that we’re “getting winter going.”  Whether your excited by that news or not… we’ll all weather it together!  Have a great weekend.  – Breezy