Give And Take

If the political scene is not your thing then today was a tough one for ya. Thankfully, the weather was absolutely delightful….sunny skies, mild temps & little to no wind. Overall, the pattern looks to remain quiet for the next several days. This quiet pattern means no storms which in turn means no significant rain.

What we will see are a few cool fronts zip through New England, the first of which is on the way for tomorrow afternoon. This front will bring a bag of clouds but little, if any, rain. *IF* we are to see rain, it likely holds off until after 2pm Wednesday and the locations most likely to see any rain would be Plymouth, Bristol counties as well as the Cape/Islands. Metro Boston and locations north & west probably just see a few sprinkles tomorrow afternoon. Having an umbrella handy for the afternoon hours is a safe bet but doubtful the Wellies are needed tomorrow.

As mentioned, it’s a cool front inbound but very little cool air is behind this front so another mild day tomorrow with temps in the upper 50s and even once the cool air does arrive on Thursday, temps will still manage to reach the low 50s by afternoon.

Another warm-up is slated for Friday–temps in the upper 50s–only to be replaced by more cool air for Saturday. That front has even less moisture with it so a few clouds are likely but no raindrops.