Gloomy and Cool Wednesday, Near 60 Friday

7Weather- It finally cleared up late on Tuesday, but the clouds come right back Wednesday.


Temperatures dip down into the 20s and 30s around 6AM Wednesday morning, but by 8AM an onshore breeze kicks in, bringing them up into the low 40s to match the ocean temperature. That’s pretty much where we stay for the rest of the day, between 40-45°.

We remain stuck under the clouds all day, and there will be sprinkles here and there.

A low pressure system is causing the gloomy conditions. It passes by just south of southern New England. The very northern part of the system could reach the Cape & the Islands, and southeast Massachusetts late in the afternoon and into the evening. This could bring in spot showers for these areas.


The stubborn clouds hang around early on Thursday, and temperatures will be in the mid and upper 30s. It gradually clears up as we get closer to lunch time. Highs reach into the upper 40s inland, but a sea breeze keeps coastal areas a bit cooler. If you plant take a walk after working from home, it will be cool with sunshine.


Friday is the pick of the week! We will have light wind, sunshine and temperatures between 54-60°.