Go Ahead…You Can Call It A Comeback

If summer were to be personified it would be…
That guy. Oh yeah, he’s making a comeback (Not LL) and he’ll hang with us for a few days…but, just don’t call it a comeback.
Here’s why we’ll be so warm for much of the week, the jet stream, that river of air that steers storms around the planet and also separates warm air from chilly air…
That ribbon of strong wind is well north of us and so is the chill of fall…for this week anyway. Temps start near 60 tomorrow morning–our normal high temp is 61–and with such a warm start to the day, the afternoon temps should finish close to 80! Near record warmth for Boston and Worcester is likely:
but even if we don’t set new records, plan on a late summer day….even some humidity to help complete the comeback. Wednesday is another warm day but not as humid thanks to a nice westerly breeze–Wednesday is a great day…sunshine, mild temps and low humidity. By late week, the 80 degree warmth & humidity try to return but it won’t happen so the result is a lot of clouds and a smattering of showers. Friday offers much the same…clouds, a few showers and temps struggling to make it out of the 60s.

Not a fan of this comeback? Understandable given the summer was hot, no worries summer haters, you get your crisp, chilly fall season back in grand fashion this weekend.