GO for GOES-R!

Anyone catch all of the hub-bub on social media tonight about the launch of GOES-R satellite?  I have been looking forward to this launch for a long time now, especially since Hurricane Matthew prompted a delay from the previous launch date of November 4th.  Well, it all went down (or rather, UP) tonight and it was just as exciting as I thought it would be!  So what’s the big deal here, other than the fact that we’re actually talking about ROCKET SCIENCE?!  This satellite will change the “game” of weather forecasting and launch scientists like the 7Weather team into the future (as far as technology is concerned)!

We use GOES satellites now for all of the pictures we need from space.  When you see incredible imagery of a massive hurricane, for example – you can thank a GOES satellite.  GOES stands for Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – and the “Geostationary” part means that its orbit is over a fixed geographical location.  We not only get really amazing pictures from this satellite, but also a TON of very useful information for meteorology research and forecasting.  Currently, our GOES satellites that we’re using have the technology of the mid-90s.  It’s time for an upgrade.  Tonight on the Weather Channel (I was GLUED to the TV/live feed) I heard Al Roker say it best, “Think of it was 3 – 4 – 5.”  He is talking about the fact that once this satellite is in use (which will take around a year), it will give us 3 times the channels (more information), 4 times the resolution (clearer pictures), and do it all about 5 times the scan speed (faster information)!  And get this; it’s just the first of 4 satellites like it that will be launched between now and the year 2024.

For the record, I was totally “geeking out” on this amazing event.  Check out my “live story” on my Instagram account – just search for “Bri Eggers.”

Still want to know more?  Check out this link:  Newest Eye in the Sky

Now, on to the forecast because well, “winter is coming!”  You’ve probably already seen some family members to our west that were enjoying lunch outside one day and were hammered by cold and snow the next.  In fact Orr, Minnesota turned out to be a bit of a jackpot on the snow with this system, reporting 24.8″!  We’re not so much in for the load of snow, but we are in for the load of COLD – and you’ll also have to factor in gusty wind, which means some serious WIND CHILL.  Yikes.  Especially when we’re coming off of a few 60° days recently, this change-up is going to be a big shock to the system.

Overnight tonight there will be patchy fog, some areas with drizzle and temps mainly in the 40s.  The main event starts to work in tomorrow during the early morning, and starts as rain – but will change over to snow as the cold takes hold.  WAIT – WAIT – WAIT!  Don’t freak out.  I should really clarify that the snow is really meant for western Massachusetts, in the Berkshires, and then into central and northern New England.  There’s a Winter Storm Warning that’s posted for northern Berkshire County, stretching up through the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondacks.

There could even be some flakes that fly in Worcester County tomorrow, but I don’t expect much in the way of accumulation (if anything – with the exception of the Worcester Hills).  Inside of 495, we’re in for a round of showers to move through between 4-8am that will only amount to around 0.10″-0.25″ of rain.

After that, it should be mostly dry – but stinkin’ cold – for Boston.  Temps tomorrow will only rise into the mid 40s for the WARMEST spots, and the wind will be picking up through the day.  That’s the other big headline here: WIND.  Winds will be blasting out of the west at about 10-20mph with gusts to 50mph possible, especially along the South Coast of New England where a Wind Advisory is posted:

Gusty wind continues on Monday, and with highs not expecting to crack 40° in many locations, the “real feel” for much of the day will be in the 20s.  Haven’t gotten out that heavy winter coat yet?  This is the week for it.  Winter IS coming.  But hey, it could also mean some Thanksgiving skiing with the snow that some New England ski resorts will be picking up in the next 48 hours.  Also, looking ahead to Turkey-Day travel (Mon-Wed), things should be dry.  Have a great weekend!  – Breezy