Going For Gold!

My lawn is a nice golden, brown as are a number of leaves that are now falling from some of my trees–all thanks to the severe drought but putting that aside for just a bit…..the sun shines gold yet again through the day with more on the way in the coming days. We do need rain and we have a shot at some scattered storms on Saturday. It will come from a cool front rather than a storm so, that means some of you likely go all day Saturday without one drop or hearing one rumble of thunder. #Scattered

The front will add more clouds to the mix tomorrow as well as more humidity but even with less sun, temps still find  a way to reach the 80s. As for the storm threat, this will be one of those days where we don’t have to wait until 6-7pm for our first storms….they may get cranking as soon as 1-3 pm and then sweep offshore by 6-7 pm. Some of the storms will have some brief heavy rain (yay!) as well as frequent lightning and strong wind gusts (boo!). As of this evening, I am not expecting widespread severe weather tomorrow afternoon.

In any event, the cool front responsible for these storms will blast offshore by Sunday. Plan on a mix of sun & clouds, lower humidity and a refreshing breeze for Sunday. A few isolated showers are possible up across northern New England on Sunday.

An early glance into next week offers sunshine, low humidity, a lack of rain as well as dwindling daylight.

Enjoy your weekend…stay classy.