Gradual Progression To Spring

You might be getting a little worried, thinking that spring is leaps and bounds away from us. While this March is a cold one, and this morning is certainly not ideal, we are gradually warming up and progressing into spring.

Today looks to be the last brutally cold day in your 7-day forecast, if not the last frigid morning of the season. High pressure stays with us today, keeping the sunshine with us throughout the day. We don’t have a whole lot of sunshine in the forecast Friday into midweek next week, so you’ll want to soak in some rays today!



Friday morning could bring a few AM snow flakes, but most of the precipitation we’ll see tomorrow will be in the form of light. rain showers.

As we head into Friday, a warm front tracks into Southern New England but fails to fully track northward. While we’ll see more mild temperatures (back into the low-40s), we really don’t get a major push of warm air moving into MA. As this front stalls out into the weekend we keep cloud cover around, as well as soggy, raw conditions Friday to the start of next week. It’ll feel cool, but not frigid.

We could see some mixed precipitation Sunday, with the best shot for slick conditions Sunday night into the Monday morning commute.


Stay warm & layer up!