Gross Today, Gone Tomorrow

Well it’s not going to be a pleasant June day, but we do have some relief on the way shortly! Today’s forecast features more rain, more fog, more wind and cooler temperatures than yesterday. It’s a downright raw June forecast with the likely chance for scattered showers (more widespread and heavier) than yesterday.

We could see a some heavier rainfall this afternoon into the evening commute, with another 0.75-1.5″ of rain possible between this morning and late tonight. This could overwhelm poor drainage areas, and/or cause some urban flooding.

Temperatures stay uncomfortably cool, especially when you factor in  NE sustained winds up to 25 mph, with gusts peaking near 40 mph. I’m sure there aren’t a whole lot of people excited about this, but we could see a few record “low” highs broken today!



Rain tapers significantly after midnight tonight, with a few early Wednesday morning showers possible. High pressure moves into the region from our NW tomorrow, and this will help kick out some cloud cover tomorrow from northern to southern Mass. into the afternoon. Temps tomorrow will be a major improvement, with inland highs in the upper-60s and low-70s, but cooler temps in the mid to low-60s across the coast.


One more day until some major improvements in the forecast!