Good news for Trick-or-Treaters tonight, while it’s cloudy and damp, it’s a fairly dry forecast. Yes, a sprinkle or pocket of drizzle is possible, but definitely could be a lot worse. That said, the winds will start to ramp up, and for some of us already have with gusts over 40 mph already today.

With the rain today, we’ve now set the record for most October days with rain… 20 recorded this month.

Now, back to the wind. Winds will ramp up tonight and gust over 50 mph at times. A high wind warning is in effect for tonight and Friday morning.

Winds should peak between midnight and 5am. With gusts over 50 mph, some tree branches down and power outages are certainly possible.

Looking for good news? The gusty wind will dry us out and finally bring back sunshine that we haven’t seen since last Saturday! It will be chilly though, with temperatures Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the lower 50s.

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