Happy Earth Day!  and it’s been a great day to celebrate and enjoy our gorgeous planet and the amazing atmosphere surrounding it.  We were finally able to put another “orange box” on the April calendar for our 4th above average day this month.  Spring-like days have been few and far between this spring, but now we can check off two in a row (and on a weekend, no less!):

Still, we’re running about 4.3° below average for the month so far.  If you look at the records for BOS (Boston Logan) for the past 50 years, this April (through the 21st) is the 3rd coldest!

But let’s not focus on that… After a day like today, the glass is half full!  I saw several neighbors today, enjoying themselves out and about, that I forgot I even lived near!  Howdy neighbor.  Happy spring.

We’ll do it again tomorrow, with lots of sunshine and temps into the 60s again.  A seabreeze will knock temps along the coastline down during the afternoon.  So, if you’re near the water you can plan on afternoon temps in the low to mid 50s.  Away from the coastline, mid to upper 60s are in store!  It’s a similar story on Tuesday, though we will have some cloud cover moving in late in the day.

Wednesday is our next chance for rain, and it’s a cool day.  Highs will be in the low to mid 50s, coolest along the coast and light scattered showers are expected throughout the day.

In the meantime, enjoy more of these “spring 60s!”  – Breezy

Also, #EarthDay is awesome:



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