During the second half of August is when we typically see the biggest increase in tropical activity.  This August has been no exception.  This weekend, we’ve all been left feeling quite helpless seeing all of the videos and photos coming out of Texas, due to the damage and destruction caused by Harvey.  Meantime, there’s another area of tropical development that’s bringing heavy rain and strong wind to the SE U.S. – Potential Tropical Cyclone Ten, which will likely become “Irma” very soon.  Harvey hasn’t been able to take advantage of upper level winds to move it along, which is why the storm is stuck, bringing heavy rain to the same areas for days.  Irma, on the other hand, should be able to get caught up in the flow of the jet stream and head out to sea after bringing rain and wind to the Southeast.

Here in New England, we’ve been enjoying a “taste of fall” recently.  We’ll do it again tomorrow.  Lows tonight will fall into the 40s for the coolest spots and mid to upper 50s for Boston.  Tomorrow is a “rinse and repeat” of today, with a mix of sun and clouds as well as highs in the low to mid 70s.  Afternoon sea breezes will knock the temps down along the coastline.  Have you noticed that the sun angle is getting a little lower?  For me, the sky almost has a “fall look” to it during the afternoons, and our sunset tonight was at 7:26pm.  Are you ready for it?  Once we wrap up August, we also wrap up meteorological summer.  Maybe that’s the “bad news” for all of those summah-lovahs, but the “good news” is that the forecast for the Labor Day Weekend looks fairly decent (still a week away, and subject to change).

While the brunt of Irma should track to our south, what’s left of the system could throw some clouds and a breeze in our direction come mid-week.  There could also be a few showers for the Cape and islands, as well as SE Mass – but it shouldn’t be much to write home about.

Meanwhile – the devastation in Houston is ONGOING, with another 15-25″ of rain expected beyond what has already fallen (some 15-28″).  Just a little note:  I hate that I even have to say this, but be cautious when considering how you can help Texas. It would be an absolute shame if your contributions ended up in the wrong hands, rather than where you intend to send them. Be sure it’s a reputable source that you’re getting your donation information from. Here’s a list of some of those credible places you can send donations to (American Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.):  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/how-to-help-hurricane-storm…

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