It certainly was hot outside yesterday, but I think the breeze saved us and kept it tolerable to be outside. Temperatures for most of us hit 90° yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday was day one of our first heat wave of the year in Massachusetts. An official heat wave needs three days in a row hitting 90° or more. We didn’t do it in Worcester yesterday but that doesn’t mean no heat wave. There’s still a chance on Tuesday to string together three in a row.

Not only did Worcester not hit 90° yesterday, but we haven’t hit 90° all year. There have been a few upper 80s but no 90s yet.

Heat will continue to build today so a heat advisory has been issued for parts of the area. Not to say other areas won’t be hot but this is just a numbers game. Heat index values need to hit the upper 90s for consecutive days. So for Worcester county especially, consecutive days with heat indices 93-95° is just below advisory level. The takeaway is it’s going to be hot everywhere today.

Highs today will soar into the 90s and feels like temperatures will be 5+° on top of these numbers.

If you’re out and about today, just be sure to wear light colored and light weight clothing. Drink plenty of water and reapply sunscreen often.

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