Heat Fades Away

Played a round of golf with our sports guy Trey Daerr today, a rematch from our first match back in early July and oddly enough, it was warmer and more humid today than back in July! We see this with all of our seasons—oddities, where it’s warm in winter, cool in summer and spring/fall can be a free-for-all. Boston actually tied its record high today (as of 5pm):

Impressive…most impressive. What I find even more impressive is humidity. Check out those dewpoints!..

Even by mid-summer standards, those are high! So..we’ve established that it’s the heat and the humidity…..but what about when they leave? That happens tomorrow! We have a cold front on the move tonight and this front will sweep through here tomorrow, taking the summer heat & humidity out to sea! You can see the difference in air with that front…

only in the 60s to around 70 from Green Bay to Chicago—that is in New England tomorrow, along with sunny skies (after morning clouds depart). As for the humidity, give it a few hours during the morning and by afternoon….ahhhhhhh….So fresh and so clean…clean…

We’ll hold onto this fine fall weather for a few days–right through early next week with morning temps in the 40s and afternoon highs in the 60s. Saturday is a wrinkle tho with mostly cloudy skies, some scattered showers and temps in the 50s for afternoon highs (too cool for ya?)

Long range hints at more warmth middle-end of next week (sans the humidity).