The heat is arriving this afternoon. We have a heat advisory in effect for everyone aside from Buzzard’s Bay, the Cape and Islands for the afternoon. If you step outside today it’s going to be hot. Temperatures will head into the low to mid 90s with feels like temperatures 95-100°. There’s a low risk of a pop up storm this afternoon, but that threat is pretty low.

That low risk of a pop up storm will remain in the forecast the next several days, but a majority of us will be dry all week. The risk each day is about a 20% chance with the best chances today and tomorrow across southern New Hampshire. The storm threat on Thursday is still low but is possible everywhere across the area. The better chance of a few storms arrives on Friday and that will help break this heat.

Like I mentioned before, we have a heat advisory for today. Then tomorrow and Thursday, areas in red are under an excessive heat watch. Think of that as a place holder. We know SOMETHING will go there, at a minimum also a heat advisory. But it’s possible it’s upgraded to an excessive heat warning. That decision will likely be made day by day for both Wednesday and Thursday.

Once we get through today, several of us will probably sit back and think today was hot, maybe even uncomfortably hot, but then say it is June and it is summer after all. And you’re right. The problem is it only gets hotter and the heat lingers for a few days. The National Weather Service has a new product that rates the heat on a scale of 0-4 with 0 being no impact and 4 being the most extreme. The number each day is given depends on a lot of factors… temperature, humidity, how rare the heat is, how acclimated we are, the duration of the heat, etc. So today at a 2, it means most people will find it hot and even uncomfortably hot, but not overly dangerous aside from sensitive individuals. Then as the heat lingers and gets hotter, we push Wednesday and Thursday up to a 3. On Thursday, southern New Hampshire is actually a 4 given the rarity of the heat there. The explanation being the same as before, Friday Friday will actually be the coolest day, but with four days of heat and it still being humid, the rating remains at a 3 to close the week.

Temperatures on Wednesday will climb to the middle 90s with feels like temperatures 95-105° and that low risk of an isolated storm.

Add one or two degrees on Thursday with feels like temperatures from 97-107° with again that chance of a rogue thunderstorm.

A backdoor cold front will provide relief on Friday. We’ll see a few more storms but we’ll knock temperatures back to the 80s to close out the week — upper 80s inland and even low to mid 80s on the coastline. Of course when you fall from the upper 90s, a cool down still leaves you plenty warm. We’ll still have the humidity though so it’ll still be a very warm day with a few thunderstorms in the mix.

So Friday seems like a good day for a Duck Boat Parade! Yes it’ll be warm, yes it’ll be humid, yes there’s a chance a few storms but it’s better than the heat we’ll have this week and what a great way to finish off a work week! The exact parade time is still TBD but usually they happen earlier in the day, so for now we’ll roll with this.

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